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After our group learn a few terrible secrets about Bridgeville and some of the cities residents, they must find a way out of this horrible place with the help of a new friend.  (Wi...

The group follows a stranger to his hidden home in the sewers, but this stranger seems to know our group a little more than expected.  Meanwhile Blanco meets with the leader of Bri...

After being detained for a night, the group meets with an important person in Bridgeville.  Some of our crew didn't expect that person to be a familiar face.

After learning of an operational city is close, the gang travel to the city of Bridgeville and encounter some new faces...but the city folk seem to be hiding something.

Our travelers find themselves in a peculiar place and must make the right decisions to make it out alive.

Our group is presented with an option to take an elevator to another place, or stay behind and wait for the clock to count down.  What will they decide?

Deep underground in 4 separate bunkers, we meet 4 strangers from different backgrounds that must come together to discover the mysteries of a world they now know nothing about.