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Tek has betrayed the crew and completed a ritual sacrifice that has risen a city from the Black Marsh.  Our travelers make their way into The Black Marsh to investigate this now fl...

Our travelers have found themselves separated and must find their ways back to each other and work together to defeat The Black Ties.

After the loss of Fragile, our travelers journey into Waters Edge, the last stop on their Journey to The Black Marsh.

William must decide if he should choose his family or his new found friends while Jesse learns more about the White Ties and their power.  Eli helps a person in need.

Someone from Ahjee and Fragile's past shows up during the group journey to The Black Marsh, but can he be trusted?  The crew plans a heist to steal a Greater Soul Gem.

Adiran, Blanco and William find themselves in The Last City and must figure out what their next move is.  Jesse investigates the murder of an important figure in The North City wit...

Our travelers make their way out of the dangerous caverns and head back to Cheydinhal.  Little did they know that their journey would take them into a dangerous Colosseum.

Adiran has been framed for a crime that he didn't commit and has been taken to confinement.  It is up to Adiran and the rest of the crew to gather evidence and prove Adiran's innoc...

Our group travels deep into a cave just past Cheydinhal, and find themselves facing a few traps and an ominous hooded figure.

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